Patrick Mahomes Brother Was Back Churning Out TikToks From Sidelines Following Awkward Handshake

Patrick Mahomes’ brother’s antics may have finally gotten to Patrick.

Jackson Mahomes has been super annoying this season. It all started back Oct. 3 when he sprayed water on a Ravens fan in Baltimore.

Then three weeks following that incident, he danced on a Sean Taylor tribute in D.C. before a game against the Football Team.

Could this be why Patrick and his brother had an awkward handshake before last night’s game?

Check the tape below:

Of course that didn’t stop Jackson from doing another TikTok on the football field.

Watch below:

@jacksonmahomesCHIEFS KINGDOM!! Let’s go it’s game day!!♬ r1pj4y on ig – jay

@jacksonmahomesWE WON.♬ Pocket rocket by cochise – 03BYM

Is this guy the worst or what?

Take a cue from your brother’s handshake and stop filming at his workplace. If you want to dance, fine, just do it somewhere else.

Sad dude.

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