Padres Fans Fight In Stands During Loss To Giants

The fans fighting thing has gotten completely out of control.

No matter what sport or city, fans are back in stadiums and arenas, and boy are they as angry as ever. Since fans have been allowed back through the turnstiles, they’ve been caught on video showing major aggression towards one another. It doesn’t matter if they’re rooting for the same team or not.

It’s always great to see two opposing team’s fans slug it out, but in reality, fan fights are always going to be heavily viewed no matter what.

The latest fan fight has some Padres fans fighting one another.

Apparently the two groups were trash talking all night and when one of them was leaving, things escalated.

Watch below:

It’s not just men these days throwing punches, there’s been more women involved in these fan fights than ever seen before.

Not sure what’s up with all this craziness.

Possibly the full moon being out?? Get a grip people.

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