Oklahoma Players Clown Lincoln Riley Over His Comments During Introductory USC Presser

Lincoln Riley was part of the wild college football coaching carousel last week.

After saying all year that he wasn’t leaving Oklahoma for a more prominent job, Riley went back on his word, accepting the job at USC following the loss to rival Oklahoma State.

During his introductory presser with he Trojans, Lincoln Riley made a comment that rubbed Oklahoma players the wrong way.

“This place is going to be full, this is going to be the Mecca of college football,” he said.


Oklahoma defensive lineman Isaiah Thomas slid into he comments section on social media to clown Lincoln Riley for saying the exact same team to Sooners players earlier in the year.

“Told us that last week,” Thomas wrote.

Despite the Oklahoma players clear animosity towards Lincoln Riley, USC fans and players have been on cloud-nine all week with their hire.

For a while now, Riley has been considered one of the top QB guru’s in the entire sport. And he has even been linked to NFL jobs such as the Cowboys in the past.

The optics might have been bad for Lincoln Riley leaving Oklahoma. But is there ever a good time to leave your players? Sometimes, you just gotta do what’s right for you and your family.

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