Odell Beckham Jr. Won’t Practice Wednesday, Appears to be Done With Cleveland

Odell Beckham and the Browns appear to be done.

The Browns superstar wideout won’t practice Wednesday. A source familiar with situation told Yahoo Sports that Beckham’s absence was team-related, but declined to say if Beckham is now seeking his release following Tuesday’s NFL trade deadline.

This all comes after the Browns decided not to trade Beckham before the deadline. To make matters worse, Beckham’s father took to Social Media to lobby for him to get shipped.

The Browns could offer Beckham his outright release in exchange for some of the $8 million he’s owed for the rest of the season.

The Browns and Beckham Jr. need to move on from each other, that much is clear.

He’s never going to be the player they thought they traded for, at least while in a Browns uniform.

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