Nick Saban Shares Hilarious Story About Landing His Wife Back In The Day

Nick Saban…funny guy? Most would probably say no. But a new viral video would suggest otherwise. Alabamas longtime head coach is known for his straight-forward, stern personality, but he let his guard down while speaking at a dinner recently.


Saban was talking about how he grew up working at his father’s service station. His wife Terry was dating a guy from the city, who didn’t have the same country-type upbringing as Saban. Obviously, Saban finally got Terry to go out with him, and the rest was history.

He then recalls going back to his hometown with Terry, where her former boyfriend is now working at a service station. Being petty, Nick Saban made sure to drive Terry by the service station just so she knew that she made the right choice with him. He didn’t expect this witty response from his wife.

“We drive by his service station and I said, ‘if you would’ve married him, that’s where you’d be now.’ She said, ‘bull****, if I would’ve married him, he’d be the head coach at Alabama now,’” Saban said.

I think it’s safe to say that Terry Saban got the best of Nick on that one.

Look at Nick Saban, though. Out of his element, smiling yucking it up, getting laughs. It looks like theres another side to this guy that we don’t get to see very often.

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