NFL Teams Upset Aaron Rodgers Was Only Fined $14K

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is under heavy fire for the past couple of weeks following a positive COVID test.

It was initially believed that Rodgers was vaccinated during to him claiming to be “immunized”. But we now know he’s unvaxxed – which has led to backlash over COVID protocols.


Aaron Rodgers has been seen in press conferences and on the field without a mask on, which would be a breach for unvaccinated players.

In the aftermath of everything, the NFL let Rodgers off easy, opting to fine the star quarterback a small amount for failing to conform with the protocols in place.

According to a report, other teams around the league are upset that Aaron Rodgers got let off easy.

Per Pro Football Talk:

Rodgers repeatedly violated COVID protocols by not wearing a mask during press conferences in the facility; the NFL now admits that. But the league claims the Packers should have been enforcing the protocols, and the league refuses to regard multiple violations as “repeat” violations. The Packers never fined Rodgers for the violations, and it presumably won’t do it now.

As one source put it on Tuesday night, “That’s bullshit.” If, for example, someone engages in shoplifting twice a week every week for eight weeks, the person has committed 16 violations of the shoplifting laws. There should be 16 penalties.

Rodgers, however, got one penalty — for attending the team’s Halloween party. And the prior violations will go unpunished. Given that multiple teams faced multiple punishments last year (the Saints eventually lost a 2022 sixth-round draft pick), it comes off as favoritism for the Packers.

The early indication is that Aaron Rodgers could be available this week when the Packers take on the Seahawks.

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Comments and Reactions for NFL Teams Upset Aaron Rodgers Was Only Fined $14K

Comments and Reactions for NFL Teams Upset Aaron Rodgers Was Only Fined $14K