NFL Strikes Back At Tik Tok User Who Recreated NFL Logos

The NFL is trying to keep up with the young ones. TikTok user Emily Zugay has jokingly recreated logos of major brands, including the Detroit Lions. She’s been doing a ton of redesigns with all major brands, you can see her Detroit Lions logo rebrand below:


Reply to @adobe here you go

♬ original sound – Emily’

With the NFL logo, she made it “more patriotic” with “president of the football,” Peyton Manning.

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Check out her NFL logo rebranding below:


Reply to @mcdonalds easy

♬ original sound – Emily’

The NFL played along on TikTok, recreating her profile picture to include troll hair and a chipmunk.

“Just like Emily, I have a passion for graphic design and I thought her profile picture could use some spicing up,” they said. “Emily, you look good, but I think you can look better.”


thanks again @emilyzugay we hope you like this gift in return 😌

♬ original sound – NFL

The NFL’s social media team is working overtime.

Will this translate to more viewers??

Probably not, but definitely good press. Much like all other Evil corporations, the NFL wants to get you hooked when you’re a kid…

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