NFL Bringing Back End Zone Stencils, Social Justice Helmet Decals

The NFL is bringing back some controversial additions to the NFL landscape. Heading into the 2021-22 season, it wasn’t clear if this sort of messaging would continue to be inlcuded. A week before the season, it was announced that yes, the NFL would continue to feature helmet decals and end zone stencils.

Messages such as Black Lives Matter and End Racism were just a few that were featured on helmets last season.

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From The Associated Press:

“We are committed to Inspire Change and the social justice work that inspires change for the long-term,” said Anna Isaacson, NFL senior vice president of social responsibility.

Once again there are only six messages that the players can choose from; “End Racism,” “Stop Hate,” “It Takes All of Us,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Inspire Change” and “Say Their Stories.”

It’s all about creating awareness towards the cause.

For people who are adamantly against the decals, deal with it.

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