New York Football Fan Files Lawsuit Against Jets, Giants For Playing in New Jersey

New York Football fans have had enough.

A New York sports fan is sick and tired of all the lies and wants the Giants and the Jets to pay up and leave town.

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Earlier this week, a New York sports fan filed a lawsuit against the New York Giants and the New York Jets, claiming fans in New York have suffered “mental and emotional damage, including depression, sadness and anxiety” because both teams actually play in New Jersey and not New York.

See below:

The fan is seeking $2 billion in monetary damages and another $4 billion in punitive damages, claiming the teams have participated in false advertising and deceptive practices.

If the teams are guilty of anything is gross mismanagement. There’s no reason for teams in the biggest market in the NFL to be as bad as they are.

Sucks to be a NY football fan right about now.

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