NBA TV’s Ro Parrish Calls Out James Harden For Looking Fat Tonight ‘Definitely Had A Pregame meal’

Houston Rockets guard James Harden must have the weirdest body in NBA history. Some nights, the guy looks cut, others he looks pretty damn fat. Well, tonight is one one the fat nights.

NBA TV analyst Ro Parrish had a little fun with James Harden looking chubby during the pregame show.


“James Harden definitely had a pregame meal,” Parrish says. Colleague Brendan Haywood replies “Hey, chill out.

Sideaction’s Latest:

I think its probably more likely that James Harden went on a pregame bender than had a pregame meal. The guy loves the strip club, we all know that much.

I guess we gotta hand it to James Harden for sticking it out with the Houston Rockets for this long. The superstar made news when he showed up late to training camp, and was vocal about wanting to be traded to a contender. Thus far, Harden has showed up on game day with the Rockets. Seems like he’s keen on playing his way out of Houston, as he has not gone back on his request to be moved.

On the year, Harden is averaging 26.0 points per game. His Rockets are currently 3-5. We’ll see how much longer James Harden remains a Houston Rocket.

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