NBA Will Not Protect Kyrie Irving And Andrew Wiggins From Losing millions If They Don’t Comply With Vaccine Mandates

While players all over the NBA and other major professional sports leagues have come out to say that they have no intention of taking the COVID vaccine, Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins might be in trouble.

Both Irving and Wiggins play in states that have vaccine requirements for stadiums (New York and California) and will not be able to play in home games if they continue to refuse the vaccine.

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The NBA announced on Wednesday that they could not protect Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins if they go against their local governments with the vaccine mandates.

Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins both deflected when speaking on their decisions not to take the vaccine, citing personal reasons.

If they aren’t available for home games, Irving would be set to lose $428,000 in game checks while Wiggins would be on the hook for $385,000 per home game.

The expectations is that Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins will stand by their guns on the matter despite leaving millions of dollars on the table. Which would obviously pose an issue for both the Warriors and Nets.

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