NBA Hall of Famer ‘Very Disappointed’ in Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving’s vaccine stance continues to upset some folks.

Naismith Hall of Famer Dave Bing is one of those people who isn’t very happy with how Kyrie is acting regarding the vaccine.

Bing believes it’s a selfish decision from Irving not to get the vaccine.

“I’m very disappointed in his position,” Bing told Yahoo Sports. “I respect his position but very disappointed. Because basketball is a team game, team sport. You let your teammates down.”

Bing was asked how he would handle the situation if he were Irving’s teammate — particularly if he were a star player on par with Irving.

“I’d let him know, ‘I respect the position you’ve taken, but you put us in a horrible situation,’” Bing told Yahoo Sports. “‘We planned on your being here, being part of this team to win a championship. Now, you’ve made a very selfish decision for yourself.’

“I’d have some other things that I can’t say in public, but he would get it all,” Bing added, with a laugh.

Bing continued his rant:

“Those three guys, Harden, Durant and he, reportedly came together to win a championship. Then he does what he’s doing,” Bing said. “And I think it sends a terrible message for young people in particular. If you’re a team player, you’ll do what have to do to support your teammates. And I think he’s let his teammates down.”

Bing was selected as one of the league’s 75 greatest players and was also one of the NBA’s 50 greatest players in 1996.

Most Nets fans probably feel the same way Bing does.

The bottom line is Nets fans want a winner, and with Kyrie’s current position,  it’s going to be an uphill battle in Brooklyn.

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Comments and Reactions for NBA Hall of Famer ‘Very Disappointed’ in Kyrie Irving

Comments and Reactions for NBA Hall of Famer ‘Very Disappointed’ in Kyrie Irving