Myles Turner Tries to Explains His Cryptic Tweet: ‘This Ain’t P’

Athletes have a platform to speak their mind whenever they feel like it.

Unfortunately, that has lead to some cryptic messages, which aren’t always easy to decipher.

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Myles Turner shared a cryptic message via social media after the team’s 101-98 overtime loss to the Celtics on Monday. He had six points, three rebounds and one block, and played just one second of the extra period as Indiana lost another close game.

Turner posted “This Ain’t P,” after the game.

Turner also posted a very similar message, “This most certainly is not P,” on Instagram.

It’s a phrase used by rapper Gunna which basically means, ‘This isn’t cool,’ on his Twitter and Instagram.

Turner decided to elaborate Thursday on what he meant by his vague social media posts.

“I just think that got blown way out of proportion for no reason,” Turner said of his posts, per the Indianapolis Star. “All I personally meant by that was I’m just not enjoying the losing aspect of this thing right now. We lost a very close game in Boston, a very winnable game. It was frustrating for me and frustrating for my camp. I have a lot of people that care about me, a lot of people that care about winning, a lot of people that care about this team, so that’s pretty much all that was.

“I hope we can just lay that to rest because I feel like people are trying [to say], ‘Oh, he wants out! Oh, he’s trying to get traded!’ and it’s none of that,” Turner added.

Sounds like Turner is going to be moved at the deadline.

Losing sucks, but complaining about losing really sucks.

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