More Uncovered From Aaron Judge’s Fiancé’s Secret Bridal Shower, Proof They Are In Fact Engaged

Aaron Judge’s future looks pretty busy.

Yankees Outfielder Aaron Judge has one more year of arbitration eligibility remaining and is scheduled to become a free agent after the 2022 season. Judge is also set to become a husband. Judge and his fiancé Samantha Bracksieck have taken an unusual approach to getting married. They have kept everything extremely private, from their engagement, to Judge’s fiancé’s recent secret bridal shower.

We posted about the secret bridal shower last week.

Now we have some more evidence pointing to the secret bridal shower taking place, and also confirmation they are 100% engaged. There has been zero confirmation from either Aaron or Samantha they are in fact set  to wed.

Special desserts were made for the secret bridal shower,  and the company behind the cheesecakes for the Bridal Shower posted about the festivities.

It not only says the future Mrs. Judge in the caption, but it also has their engagement picture on the counter. This is the most proof there has been that they are actually engaged.

Scroll thru to see the post:

I’m sure Aaron and his fiancé Samantha have their reasons for keeping everything extremely private.

Judge is in line for a nine-figure contract, and he’s remained relatively healthy this season.

Best of luck to the engaged couple moving forward.

Check out more of Aaron and his fiancé Samantha below:

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