Mike Vrabel Uses Extra Time During Bye Week To Slam The Officiating in The NFL

Mike Vrabel’s Titans are currently enjoying their bye week before prepping for a postseason run for the remainder of the season.

But while watching all the action from his couch at home on Sunday, Vrabel couldn’t help but to chime in about something that has been bothering him.

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During the Chiefs-Broncos game, Travis Kelce appeared to catch a pass before fumbling it away to Denver. But the ruling on the field was that he never completed the process of the catch – which was upheld during a video review.


Mike Vrabel took to his seldomly-used Twitter to show the rule (which no one seems to have a grip on) that would seem to indicate that Travis Kelce did everything within the rule book to complete the process of the catch.

It sure seemed like Mike Vrabel was right, and that Travis Kelce tucked the ball away before it was punched out. But unfortunately for the Titans coach, the Chiefs were granted the call and never looked back.

With the Chiefs win over the Broncos, they now sit at 8-4, tied with Baltimore, Tennessee, and New England for the #1 seed in the AFC. But the Patriots have a chance to take sole possession with a win on Monday Night.

Mike Vrabel might receive a stern talking to from the NFL for openly criticizing the officiating. But he seems to think that getting some necessary clarification on what is or isn’t a catch is worth the risk.

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