Mike McCarthy Doubles Down On Washington Guarantee After Ron Rivera Issues Warning

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy is making the rivalry game against Washington on Sunday a little more interesting.

After the coach guaranteed that his team would come out on top, Dak Prescott echoed the same sentiment.

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“Shit, yeah,” Prescott said when he was asked if he’s willing to be as bold as McCarthy about winning this Sunday.


Ron Rivera warned Mike McCarthy that he should probably be more careful when throwing around guarantees against his team.

“I think it’s interesting. I don’t think it’s important,” Rivera said. “I think that’s the big mistake, because as far as I’m concerned, you do that for a couple of reasons. One is you want to get in our head. And so I’ve told our players, ‘That’s interesting, it’s not important. What’s important is our preparation, getting ready to play on Sunday.’ Secondly, he’s trying to convince his team. So, again, I think that’s another mistake. Because he’s now made it about him and what he said, it’s not about his players anymore.”

On Friday, Mike McCarthy fired back at Ron Rivera – basically telling him to worry about his own team.

“It’s irrelevant what anybody thinks about what I said,” McCarthy explained. “I was talking about my team. I always coach my own team. That’s where I’m at with it. We have great confidence in what we’re trying to do. It was an honest answer to a question from a great group of people.”

Mike McCarthy’s Cowboys are still atop the NFC East with a 8-4 record. But they most definitely don’t look as dominant as they had for the first few weeks of the season.

On the other hand, Ron Rivera and the WFT seem to be finding their game lately. And at 6-6, they’d effectively raise some eyebrows and make for a playoff race if they were to upset Dallas this Sunday.

One thing is for sure: Mike McCarthy has now set himself up to look pretty damn foolish if the Cowboys come out flat this weekend.

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