Michael Jordan Was Possibly Enjoying a Blunt, Liquor at 7am at Ryder Cup

NBA legend Michael Jordan isn’t about eating those Wheaties these days.

For the player known as the greatest of All Time, other things are required to start a day off on the right foot. Not many people can pull this off without criticism, but his Air-ness can. Golfing fan Michael Jordan rises and shines at the Ryder Cup this past weekend with a standard coffee and cigar.

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Or was it?

Check out the viral photo below:

However some felt that MJ looked as if he was smoking a blunt, with perhaps a side of liquor.

Twitter reacted to the viral photo:

Michael Jordan has earned the right to ingest whatever he feels like at 7am in the morning.

Whether it’s a cigar and coffee, or actually a blunt and tequila, whatever it is, MJ’s face says it all. He’s thoroughly enjoying the combo.

GOAT status forever.

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