Matt Rhule Responds to Report of Volatile Culture in Carolina

Only a few hours before Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule took the podium for a press conference, a scathing exposé took to the Internet.

A new report dropped from The Athletic detailing numerous red flags about Rhule’s leadership.

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One of the takeaways from the report is Rhule allegedly told players he could’ve taken a higher-paying job back in the college ranks rather than staying in Carolina.

Rhule had a chance to address the story.

“No, I’ve never noticed anything,” Rhule said when asked if there was a disconnect between he and the locker room. “I’ve never had anyone say anything to me. It’s hard for me to comment on anonymous sources like that. I think we have a good locker room full of guys working hard from all different places. So I’ve never seen anything.”

Rhule had no interest in talking about the reported mention of being offered college jobs.

“Again, I’m not gonna comment on anything someone anonymously said, something to somebody. That’s just not my way of doing things.”

Sounds like things aren’t working out too well for Rhule in Carolina.

This is why College Coaches don’t usually do very well in the NFL. They just don’t seem to grasp what motivates millionaires.

Another lost season in Carolina.

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