Marcus Stroman Is Already Recruiting Carlos Correa To Join Him With The Chicago Cubs

Marcus Stroman has a new home.

With the MLB lockout looming on Thursday, the Cubs finally made a big splash move – with Stroman taking to Twitter himself to announce on Wednesday that he would be spending the next chapter of his career on the North Side of Chicago.

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While Marcus Stroman was taking to Twitter to interact with the outpouring of Cubs fans who were welcoming him aboard, he made sure to do a little recruiting pitch, as well.

Stroman told prized free agent, Carlos Correa, that he’d be seeing him in Chicago in the near future.

Cubs fans will undoubtedly be pumped to add a true ace like Marcus Stroman, and a Carlos Correa addition would really make them feel like they can compete for a championship as soon as next season.

According to Fox 26’s Mark Berman, the Cubs are, indeed, on the short list of teams who have been in contact with Correa (joining the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, and Braves).

For the Cubs to land Carlos Correa to pair with Marcus Stroman, they’ll have to act soon. Because we’re now within 24 hours of an ill-timed MLB lockout.

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