Manny Diaz Speaks On Being Put Through The Wringer Prior To Being Fired By Miami

Manny Diaz probably deserved to be fired as the Miami Hurricanes head coach. But true to recent form, the university’s handling of his finals weeks was anything but conventional.

First, it was reported that the boosters were leaning towards keeping the head coach. And then when Mario Cristobal let it be known that he was interested in the gig, it was said that Diaz would keep the job unless they landed the Oregon head coach.

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When it was officially announced that Manny Diaz was being fired to let Mario Cristobal take over the reigns, Diaz released a statement. In it, he described how he felt the process of the whole thing served as a detriment for him and his players.

“I am disappointed in the University’s decision and manner in which this played out over the last few weeks,” Diaz said the a release. “The uncertainty impacted our team, our staff and their families — these are real people that gave everything to this program. For that, for them, I hurt.”

Manny Diaz might not have been the right guy for the Miami Hurricanes. But there’s no doubt that he was hindered by a leadership that didn’t do him any favors.

If Mario Cristobal is going to have success at “The U”, he’s going to need the higher-ups to stay out of his way and let him handle the day-to-day handlings of the team.

Even if it didn’t work out in Miami, Manny Diaz is still a relatively young guy with an impressive resume. Hopefully we see him accomplish success wherever he ends up next.

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