Man Gets Proposal Rejected At WNBA Game On Jumbotron

Guys! Stop proposing in public on the jumbotron! No one wants to see it. No one thinks it’s cool. And then when you get denied, you will go viral for all the wrong reasons!


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Unfortunately for this guy, the night ended with him leaving alone.

A man at the Washington Mystics – New York Liberty game on Friday night was sadly embarrassed Friday night after his proposal was denied on the jumbotron.


The above view of the whole situation had me bursting out laughing. This woman literally ran off through her row to get out of the shot and the stadium. Luckily for her there weren’t many people in her row, but man. Next you see the guy chasing her down. Oh no. That is not going to be a fun talk after this. One has to wonder how you would ever come back from something like that?

Just imagine you’re one of his buddies and you see this gone viral? How much slack do you think this guy is getting in group chats? There’s no way he will ever be able to live this one down. The down right sadness and disappointment from being rejected in from of thousands of fans, and now all over the internet.

How does one even come back from something like this in society? Like, if you’re his next girlfriend, would you ever go to a sporting event with him?

This is just nightmare fuel for some, but realistically everyone knows the lesson learned here: don’t propose at sporting events.

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