Mac Jones Offers Hilariously Boring Response To Christmas Questions

It looks like Mac Jones is going to fit in with the Patriots just fine for a long time.

The rookie quarterback has joined Bill Belichick and “the Patriots way” by not offering anything to the press when he speaks. And even when he was asked about Christmas, Jones didn’t have much to say.

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The reporter specifically asked Mac Jones if he had a favorite Christmas song or Christmas movie.

He had no answer for either question.

I find it incredibly hard to believe that Mac Jones grew up without every hearing much Christmas music or watching “Home Alone” or any of the thousands of other holiday movies out there.

But true to form, Jones wants to keep the stories away from him at any chance. And he made sure not to give in to even the simplest of questions that would give him relatable in the slightest.

So far, the buttoned-up version of Mac Jones appears to be working, though. His Patriots sit at the #1 seed in the AFC, and could make a run as early as this season.

Perhaps the QB just doesn’t have time to take in the holiday season this year.

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