Logan Paul Found Out the Pokémon Trading Cards He Spent $3.5M on Are Fakes

Here’s a story we can all universally love.

Getting scammed when you buy collector’s items definitely sucks, but if it happens to the very dislikable Logan Paul, let’s not lie, it’s awesome.

Especially when he spent $3.5 million on his collector’s items.

Logan Paul confirmed on Thursday that his Pokemon Trading cards were not authentic. Paul was prompted by PokéBeach to have them authenticated by the Baseball Card Exchange in Chicago, though unfortunately inside the boxes did not even contain Pokémon cards at all.

The packages contained G.I. Joe trading cards.

Wow, he really got duped.

The cards were bought by a fellow collector, Matt Allen, who initially purchased the cards at $2.7 million.

And the internet, of course, had quite the reaction, including Milwaukee Brewers star Christian Yelich.

You can’t spell Logan without an L.

Definitely a huge win for NFT’s.

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