LiAngelo Ball Meets his Girlfriend’s Family, Welcomed With Open Arms

The only Ball Brother not on an active NBA roster is living life in the G League.

He’s currently playing for the Charlotte Hornets G league affiliate. LiAngelo averages 9.3 points in 13.8 minutes a game, shooting 57.7% overall and hitting 7-of-14 from 3-point range.

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Recently his Dad LaVar Ball talked about LiAngelo’s situation to TMZ, saying the Hornets are wasting the prime years of a superstar on the bench in Greensboro:

“They don’t understand what they got. They need to let my boy go ahead and play. I dropped them a superstar in the G League, and they don’t know what to do with him.”

But it appears LiAngelo’s girlfriend Evoni knows what she’s got. She recently introduced LiAngelo to her family, which is a big step for her. Her Mother posted about the introduction.

“Drove to North Carolina asap because for the 1st time since @evoni had a boyfriend, she actually wanted me to meet them 🤣. I mean I’ve met 2 accidentally in passing and seen some via photos but never intentionally met because I’m over protective and she in hindsight was protecting them from me 🤷🏽‍♀️. Anyway so imagine my excitement when asked to come have dinner and Christmas decorate his spot 😯😁. I had to give him a hard time obviously but my goofiness made him comfortable and I’m so happy and proud THEY have each other. Welcome to the family officially unofficially @gelo and THANK YOU for loving my seed properly and unconditionally”

See the post below:

Congrats to LiAngelo for getting his GF’s family’s approval.

Makes everything a whole lot easier. We’ll continue to keep tabs on LiAngelo’s NBA journey…

Check out more of the middle Ball Brother’s girlfriend Evoni:

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