LeBron James Weighs In On His Current MVP Case

The Lakers are still struggling to find their footing in the Western Conference, but LeBron has been on a tear so far this season.

With LeBron’s recent resurgence, some analysts believe LeBron should be in the MVP conversation.

Even Skip Bayless is praising LeBron, which if proof the man in on fire.

“I gotta tell you from my heart, I think he’s got a good shot at winning MVP,” said Skip Bayless. “Because of narrative. I think the Russell WestBRICK narrative will work to his advantage even though it was LeBron’s fault that he’s here. In the larger picture, people are gonna say ‘look what he’s overcoming. He’s overcoming the guy who’s running away with the turnover lead in the NBA. The guy who clearly has become a liability to the Lakers. And LeBron is playing at the highest level we’ve ever seen a year 19 player play.”

According to ClutchPoints, LeBron actually spoke about the MVP debate today, noting that while he enjoys the thought, he just wants to win basketball games.

“I think when you are placed in the MVP conversation, that means that your team is winning games and you’re playing at a level that’s helping them win games,” LeBron said. “So, if my name starts to be in the MVP discussion, then I’m happy about it in the sense that it means the Lakers are winning basketball games. And that’s what I want. That’s all I care about. I know what I bring to the table every night. I know what I’m capable of doing every night, but I want that to result in wins, and that’s just always been my mindset in this league.”

The Lakers are currently 20-19, sitting in the Sixth spot in the Western Conference.

If LeBron has shown us anything over the last few weeks, it’s never count him out.

His latest tear is just more proof he’s one of the best to  ever do it, and no doubt an MVP candidate once again.

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