LeBron James Trolled For Closing Eyes Before Missing A free Throw Badly

LeBron James is now out as he enters health and safety protocols. But he may sure to get his money’s worth earlier in the week.

At the end of the win against the Pistons on Sunday night, LeBron was at the free throw line when he decided he was going to try something a little differently. As he received the ball, he appeared to tell people around him that he was going to try shooting with his eyes closed.

But instead of the cool MJ moment that could have been, LeBron just ended up missing the free throw – with it barely graising the front rim.


Shortly after the hilarious moment, LeBron James was trolled for trying way too hard to be like MJ.



You gotta kind of respect LeBron James for putting himself in position to be trolled. But on the other hand, leave some things to MJ, man.

LeBron and the lakers are off to a wildly mediocre start to the season, with their flaws on full display to the entire NBA. They’re currently sitting at 11-11, good for seventh place in the Western Conference.

For the Lakers to turn their season around, they’re going to need LeBron James to stop acting like he wants to be like Michael Jordan, and start dominating like LeBron James.

After he gets back from some more time away, that is.

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