Larsa Pippen Denies Getting Butt Augmentation

Former wife to NBA legend Scottie Pippen, Larsa Pippen, is fighting back claims she’s had work done.

The Real Housewives of Miami star  is shutting down rumors that she had a Brazilian Butt Lift.

During an interview with Andy Cohen during the Real Housewives of Miami season four reunion, the ex-wife of former NBA star Scottie Pippen admitted to only having her nose and lips done.

‘I’ve had my nose done. I’ve had my lips done. And that’s basically it,’ the reality TV star, 47, claimed.

Here’s what her body looks like now:

The star also admitted to having her breasts augmented, however, she denied having any work on her bottom, saying her curves as the result of her hard work ethic.

She explained to Andy:

‘If I show you my photos from five years ago, I was less than 100 pounds. I’m 140 pounds now, so yeah, my legs look thicker than they were, my arms look thicker than they were. My whole body has changed … My body’s tight because I work out.’

Here’s a before and after of Larsa:


Larsa also spoke on why she and Kim ended their friendship, claiming Kim cut her off because she ‘knew too much’ about Kim.

‘I took a beating because I was the friend that was basically there and saw everything and that basically was the demise of our relationship. I knew too much, I was a problem and so whatever. That’s kind of what happened,’ she said.

Larsa continues to post thirst traps, as she’s currently single following her breakup with NBA  player Malik Beasley.

We’ll keep an eye on who her next baller is.

Check out more of Larsa Pippen below:

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Comments and Reactions for Larsa Pippen Denies Getting Butt Augmentation