Lane Kiffin Trolled Brian Kelly Over An Incredibly Awkward Dancing Video With A Recruit

Brian Kelly has had a rather odd start to his tenure at LSU.

He started off by introducing himself to the LSU faithful during a basketball game. And people on social media were quick to notice that he was forcing a southern twang in his voice when speaking.

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Over the weekend, another cringe-worthy video of Brian Kelly was circulating the web.

When QB recruit Walker Howard announced he was choosing LSU, he posted an incredibly awkward video of him standing back-to-back with Kelly while the coach did a little dance to show his excitement.

Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin couldn’t help but to throw some shade at his newest rival in the SEC, Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly is doing his best to pull off the whole LSU vibe despite being a midwesterner for most of his life. And he’s showing that the personality just doesn’t really match the job.

Obviously none of that Matters if Kelly can do at LSU what he’s done everywhere he’s been – win.

Now that he’s joining the best conference in college football, Brian Kelly will have his work cut out for him. And he’ll hope he can be just as successful as Lane Kiffin has been in his first few years at Ole Miss.

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