Lamar Jackson Still Unwilling to Give Out His Vaccine Status

Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson still wants nothing to do with sharing his vaccine status. The Baltimore Ravens MVP declined to reveal whether or not he has been vaccinated before the start of the NFL season. Jackson claims it’s a very private matter, and he would like to keep that personal info to himself.

I want to keep that between me and my family and the doctors. That’s all.”

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“Our players are getting the best advice from doctors that do know, and they’re making rational decisions based on what’s best for them in their opinion,” Harbaugh said last month. “What else can you do? Am I going to disrespect them by going in there and saying, ‘You’re making a wrong decision. You’re making a bad decision.’ I just think that’s disrespectful.

“To someone that’s thoughtful about it and has thought about it, they understand the consequences. There are consequences if you get the vaccine. There are consequences in life; nobody gets out of life alive last time I checked. So, our focus is going to be on having a great day today and let the chips fly.”

Fantasy owners definitely would like to know Lamar Jackson’s vaccine status.

Under the NFL’s new testing guidelines, unvaccinated players who end up with a postive test must quarantine for 10 days, which may result in possibly missing two games.

It’s not that big of a deal, just get it done. Or if you have, just let everyone know.

People are so damn crazy.

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