Lakers Fans Call On Team To “Trade AD” After The Russell Westbrook Reports Surfaced

Are the Lakers close to trading Russell Westbrook and/or Anthony Davis?

While the beginning of the season has not gone according to plan, the reports out of LA are that the team is currently looking into the possibility of moving Westbrook prior to the Trade Deadline.

Shortly after the Russell Westbrook report hit the web, fans called on the Lakers to “trade AD” instead of the dynamic point guard.

If feels pretty far-fetched that the lakers would trade Anthony Davis this season.

The big man may not be having the season many were hoping for. And injuries remain an issue. But if they were to move him at this juncture, the return would likely not be getting a worthy return.

For LA, the best chance to make a run this season will be if AD can find a way to regain his dominant form.

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