Kyrie Irving’s Timeline to Return to Action Revealed

When is Kyrie Irving set to return?

It was revealed today by an ESPN reporter Tim Bontemps that Kevin Durant,  Kyrie Irving, and LaMarcus Aldridge are now all COVID-free.

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This means each player can return to the court, although for Kyrie, his lack of conditioning makes his return a bit more complicated.

Brooklyn Nets Head Coach Steve Nash explained that Kyrie’s return timeline won’t play out immediately, however, it should be at least a week or two away.

“With Kyrie, I’m not sure but it’s coming,” Nash said per “He’s already been in for eight days or more so he should be. I’m not sure the exact sure of how many days right now but he’s got to be getting close. It’s hard to say but I would say probably somewhere between a week and two weeks. He’s isolating, so that kinda puts another layer to the ramp-up. It’s not like he’s been working out. I’d imagine it’s going to be closer to two weeks once he comes out of protocols. We’ll see how it goes though because we have to evaluate him from a physical and performance standpoint, and then a basketball standpoint as well.”

So we should expect Kyrie to play sometime in Mid January, which is great news for Nets fans. That’s assuming there’s no setbacks.

Knowing Kyrie it won’t  be smooth sailing…

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