Kyrie Irving Tries To Walk Back His Seemingly Anti-Mask Comments

Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving found his way back into the news on Wednesday for some more of his ridiculous antics.

Kyrie recently took to social media to tell his followers that it was time to take their masks off in order to live with “no fear”.

But later in the night, Kyrie Irving elaborated on his original post, claiming that it was nothing COVID related whatsoever.

“Mask off” means You stop being something you’re not and stop lying to yourself” Irving said on Twitter. “It’s the moment you discover the real you and can walk around with NO FEAR in a society that shows a lot of the masks people wear to hide who they truly are. *nothing COVID rule related!! Relax”


To add to the ridiculousness surrounding Kyrie Irving, FS1’s Nick Wright reported recently that despite the fact that some trades would make sense for the Brooklyn Nets with Kyrie involved, the point guard’s agents have made it clear that he would simply retire from the NBA if he were to be dealt.

Irving didn’t seem to agree with the report.

Contrary to how most people feel, I actually love Kyrie Irving.

The guy is fascinating, and always gives us something to talk about. Expect the noise around Kyrie to continue as long as he’s in the NBA.

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