The Kyrie Irving Retirement Talk Has Picked Up

Kyrie Irving continues to be a top storyline in the NBA over his refusal to take the COVID vaccine.

The state of New York has a mandate in place that would require Kyrie to be vaccinated for all home games. So as it stands right now, Irving will not be paid his game check for any of his team’s 42 home games this season.

When speaking on the matter, Kevin Durant has maintained that he expects Kyrie Irving to be with the team for the upcoming season, even if that belief might be a bit ‘naive’.


While Kevin Durant still sees Kyrie Irving as his point guard, another report is starting to surface: Irving might just retire.

If Kyrie Irving remains unwilling to take the vaccine, Brooklyn would undoubtedly have to explore trade options, or maybe even look into the possibility of just releasing him.

Like it or not, teams need their players to be available. And if Kyrie isn’t going to be around for the season (for whatever reason) then the Nets need to look into their options.

However, Kyrie Irving would definitely complicate those discussions if he simply declares that he’ll retire if he’s not playing for the Nets.

What a complete mess this guy has set up for Brooklyn.

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Comments and Reactions for The Kyrie Irving Retirement Talk Has Picked Up

Comments and Reactions for The Kyrie Irving Retirement Talk Has Picked Up