Kwame Brown Gives Hilarious Commentary on Kevin Durant’s ‘Sexual Assault’ of Trae Young

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant had an interesting run in with Atlanta Hawks MVP Trae Young.

The two were facing off when the Nets played the Hawks last weekend, and Durant got caught up in a moment that many people were calling sexual assault.

Outside of the unusual petting KD put on Young, the two All-Stars  almost came to blows:

The NBA’s former #1 pick Kwame Brown took to Instagram to call out Durant for his physical touching of Young.

“KD, what the hell is you doing boy? Trae Young, you acting like you sleep…stoooop.”

Watch below:


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Kwame Brown has quickly become one of the internet’s biggest trolls.

He’s definitely found his niche, and is hitting his stride on this one.

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