Klay Thompson Liking His Girlfriend Paige Carmen’s Halloween Costume

Klay Thompson is really liking his girlfriend’s Halloween costume.

The entire NBA World is counting down the days until Klay Thompson makes his long-awaited return to the court.

When he does return? No date as of yet, but when it happens, it’s going to be epic. Warriors owner Joe Lacob believes Klay’s debut at Chase Center will be one of the greatest days in the history of the franchise.

“He’s sort of … I don’t want to say my favorite, but he’s one of my absolute favorites and is for a lot of people,” Lacob said. “He’s just changed and grown so much as a person, which is the most exciting thing, not only as a player.

“Everybody loves Klay Thompson, man. Everybody loves Klay Thompson. And to get him back … I cannot wait for the day he steps on this floor and plays again. It’s going to be one of the all-time great days at Chase Center and in the history of Warriors basketball.”

Off the court Klay is keeping plenty busy, as he’s involved in a new relationship with a much younger lady.

We identified Klay’s new girlfriend back in August.

They were later spotted in Mexico together:

It appears things are still going pretty well for Klay and Paige.

Paige posted a picture of her Halloween costume and less than an hour after she posted Klay already hit it up with a like.

See below:

Now that move definitely say she’s my girlfriend.

Our source tell us:

“Klay and Paige are still keeping things under wraps. Klay doesn’t want to come out like he has a girlfriend because he’s still unsure of what direction their relationship is headed in. He also wants to keep the focus on his comeback on the court for now. Once he’s back playing and things are still good, he’ll probably start to show her off.”

Sounds like Klay is keeping his eye on the prize.

The NBA will be much better off when the Splash Brothers are back together.

In the meantime Klay will have to keep spending  time with his off the court partner Paige.

Check out more of Klay Thompson’s girlfriend Paige Below:


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Comments and Reactions for Klay Thompson Liking His Girlfriend Paige Carmen’s Halloween Costume

Comments and Reactions for Klay Thompson Liking His Girlfriend Paige Carmen’s Halloween Costume