KJ Wright Slams NFL Over Rescheduling Game On Sunday Due TO COVID

Seattle Seahawks linebacker KJ Wright has become the latest on a long line of NFL players who aren’t satisfied with how the league has handled the latest flurry of COVID outbreaks.

Because of an outbreak in the Rams locker room, Seattle will now be forced to play their game on Tuesday instead of Monday.

The league also announced plans to reschedule the Browns-Raiders and Eagles-Washington games, as well.

Shortly after the news was released, KJ Wright took to Twitter to air his frustrations with the NFL.

Eagles safety Rodney McLeod also voiced his concerns over being punished for another team’s outbreak.

KJ Wright and Rodney McLeod have a point. Earlier in the year, it was announced that the NFL would force teams to forfeit if they couldn’t field a team because of this virus.

And the latest flip-flopping of rules shows how disorganized the league is (especially with this pandemic).

At this point, one has to wonder if some major pro sports leagues will consider a shut down until after the holiday season.

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