Keyshawn Johnson Didn’t Hold Back When Talking About ‘Fraud’ Jon Gruden

ESPN’s Keyshawn Johnson is joining the plethora of former NFL players to come out against Jon Gruden following his resignation.

Gruden was forced to resign after emails surfaced with racist, homophobic, misogynistic language.

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In the aftermath of the disturbing emails, Keyshawn Johnson went on a rant against ‘fraud’ Jon Gruden, who he likened to a ‘used car salesman’.

Keyshawn Johnson isn’t necessarily wrong about Jon Gruden.

He made made on of the highest paid coaches ever when he signed on with the Raiders prior to the 2018 season. And during his time with the team, he never lived up to the billing. The Raiders never made the playoffs despite a solid offense. And now, Gruden’s being outed for having some terribly misguided thoughts.

I’d be surprised if Gruden ever gets another job in football.

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