Keith Olbermann Slammed For Calling Out Barstool Sports In A Post About The Oxford High School Shooting

Keith Olbermann is known to have no filter. But he took it way too far this time.

A story has been circulating the web of the Oxford high school football player who sacrificed his own life in the school shooting this week. And when Barstool Sports posted the somber story to their Twitter account, Olbermann saw it as an opportunity to slam the company’s president, Dave Portnoy, for his right-wing political affiliations.


Shortly after Keith Olbermann’s untimely retweet, Barstool Sports employees, fans, and other people on the web swarmed social media to slam the former ESPN host for his bad taste dig at Dave Portnoy.

Rift with Dave Portnoy aside, I think pretty much all of us can agree that this wasn’t the time or place for Keith Olbermann to make his point.

Also, I think it’s insanely far-fetched to pin Portnoy’s chummy relationship with Trump to a school shooter whose parents had apparent fascists beliefs.

Not that we expect much different from Keith Olbermann, but this is a terrible look.

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