Katie Nolan Trending After Revealing She No Longer Works For ESPN

Katie Nolan and ESPN are officially broken up.

Katie Nolan joined ESPN back in October 2017. In addition to hosting her own digital series on ESPN+ “Always Late with Katie Nolan,” she also hosted the “Sports? with Katie Nolan” original podcast, and she co-hosted SportsCenter on Snapchat. Nolan also regularly lends her perspective to ESPN studio shows and across multiple digital platforms.

Today she revealed she is no longer working for ESPN.

“I’ve thought about sending this tweet for weeks and I still have no clue how to make it not make you all roll your eyes. Alas: the obvious thing has happened. I no longer work at ESPN. I’m really grateful for my time here. I made incredible friendships and valuable mistakes.”

See her tweet below:

Twitter reacted to the news:

ESPN has seen a bunch of its regulars leave the network in the last year.

Katie was one of the good ones, and there’s no doubt she’ll land on her feet somewhere else.

Check out more of the former ESPN employee below:

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