Kareem Hunt Sr. Fires Shot at Baker Mayfield on Facebook

Kareem Hunt’s father is not holding back.

The Cleveland Browns quarterback, Baker Mayfield, continued on fighting through injuries in his disappointing season, that looks more and more likely to end without the Browns making the playoffs.

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Kareem Hunt Sr., father to Browns running back Kareem Hunt, took to Facebook to vent in typical Facebook fashion.

See below:

“Now I’m getting people on my Facebook saying I’m being like obj Daddy and I’m not I’m stating facts on football and what we see he’s limping he’s scared to throw the ball and they know he’s hurt they going to keep listening but if people don’t like what I’m saying unfriend me I’m not jeopardizing nothing I got a right to speak I ain’t posting no videos have a good day go Browns hopefully,” Hunt Sr. wrote.

Mayfield completed 18 of 37 passes for 247 yards and a touchdown and a 79.4 rating.

Baker was coming off one of the worst games of his career in a 13-10 home victory over the Detroit Lions.

I think we’ve seen enough from Baker to know he’s just an average QB.

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