Jusuf Nurkic Tosses Fan Phone

Portland Trail Blazers injured Center Jusuf Nurkic was clearly not happy with one fan Sunday in Indianapolis as he grabbed a fan’s phone and tossed it to the ground after a quick confrontation.

There was clearly words said before the initial video started, but in the 10 second clip you can see one fan wearing a Pacers jersey leaning in with his phone in his hand and then Nurkic walking up to him, taking it from him, and tossing it behind the fan.

The game had just finished with the Pacers winning 129 – 98 when Nurkic walked up and took the phone from the fan. The fan then asks why Nurkic threw his phone and Nurkic’s responds, but his voice is muffled in the video and walks off.

Apparently the security guard from the video on social media and stated that “the fan was just talking to him during the 4th quarter, told Nurkic he was trash a few times from across the court and that was it.”

If that’s the full story then Nurkic was clearly not having a good day as I am sure many NBA players hear this exact same chirp in every opposing building.

One has to think that Nurkic will be getting a fine and a talking to for this interaction with a fan courtside.

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Comments and Reactions for Jusuf Nurkic Tosses Fan Phone

Comments and Reactions for Jusuf Nurkic Tosses Fan Phone