Jon Gruden Wants Explanation for ‘Bizarre’ Locker Room at SoFi Stadium

Jon Gruden wants answers.

First, there was the weather delay because of lightning strikes in the area that postponed the scheduled kickoff by about 30 minutes at SoFi Stadium, which opened last year and has a roof,  but not a dome. There is an opening in the roof, which is why the game had to be delayed.

“I’ve never had an indoor stadium with a lightning delay,” he said, and when asked for the explanation he was given, Gruden replied, “Nah, I’m not an engineer. I have no idea, and I have never heard that. I thought it was a joke. But it affected both teams.”

But Gruden revealed he found something else bizarre.

“You know, the locker room here is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen,” he said. “You can’t see anybody. It’s like a maze.

“So, you know, whoever contorted this visiting locker room, I’d like to meet this guy and see what his, um, what his idea was.”

That’s what $5 Billion gets you, crazy maze like locker rooms.

Gruden is a funny guy..

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