Jay Williams Calls Stephen A. Smith A Hypocrite Over How He’s Handled Aaron Rodgers And Kyrie Irving Differently

Jay Williams has had enough of Stephen A. Smith’s BS.

During “First Take” on Thursday, Stephen A followed the sentiment of many sports talk show hosts when he called out Aaron Rodgers for lying about being vaccinated and not wearing a mask to follow the unvaccinated protocol all season long.

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Jay Williams didn’t necessarily take issue with anything he said, but rather the hypocrisy in which he was speaking.

Smith made it clear that he had no strife with Rodgers not taking the shot. But when speaking out Kyrie Irving, Stephen A lashed out against the decision not to take the vaccine.

Check out Jay Williams’ reaction.

Stephen A’s explanation to Jay Williams didn’t necessarily cover his tracks.

He talked about how the situations were different because Kyrie was making himself unavailable to James Harden and Kevin Durant – making him a bad teammate.

But now that Rodgers has contracted the virus – and will be forced to miss extended time – isn’t he also putting his teammates behind the 8-ball?

Props to Jay Williams for calling Stephen A out.

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