Javier Baez Gets Heavily Booed In First At-Bat Since The Thumbs Down Ordeal Before Giving Mets A Walk-Off Win

After Javier Baez apologized for trolling New York Mets fans with a thumbs down gesture, he sent out a message to New York on social media.

Baez wanted everyone to come together to cheer on him and his teammates for the remainder of the season.

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Well, Mets fans didn’t get the memo.

In his first AB of the double-header on Tuesday, Javier Baez was greeted with boos and thumbs down gestures from the small crowd at Citi Field.


But the boos didn’t last very long for Javier Baez.

In the bottom of the ninth inning, Baez’s smooth base running and sliding ability was the difference during a walk-off win against the Marlins at Citi Field.

As any Cubs fan would tell you, the Mets are getting the full Javier Baez experience right now.

He’s cocky, borderline outlandish, and swings and misses way too much. But damn, he is one exciting baseball player who has the ability to but his imprint all over a game in a positive manner.

If Javier Baez can show Mets the good side of him for the remainder of the season, the boos will turn to cheers at Citi Field. And fans may even be clamoring for an extension.

That’s a big if, though.

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