Jake Paul Takes More Shots At UFC President Dana White With Halloween Costume

Reality star turned boxing pro, Jake Paul, continued his shots at UFC’s President Dana White with his Halloween costume.


Paul dressed up as Dana White, holding a bag of coke saying “unlimited free cocaine” with girlfriend Julia Rose dressing up as his “hookers”.


I will at least give Paul credit as he made quite statement, including the search bars at the top to take all the shots he could at White. Oh and Julia Rose didn’t look bad at all. I am sure Dana White wouldn’t mind having her around his side either.

Paul has been very vocal about White over the last year and continues to throws jabs at the UFC corporation for their lack of pay for their athletes.

Earlier this year, White made a comment about former boxer Oscar De La Hoya being coked out.

In the end, well played to Paul and Rose as I am sure there will be major reactions across social media following the post.

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