Jake Paul Says He’ll Beat Canelo While Wrapping up Deal on Pair of $20 Million Dollar Miami Penthouses

Christmas dreams do come true!

Superstar-YouTuber-turned-superstar-boxer Jake Paul and legendary worldwide influencer Logan Paul wrapped up a deal on a pair of $20-plus-million penthouses at the country’s hottest real estate project, Miami’s E11EVEN Residences Beyond.

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The brothers were joined by Jake’s girlfriend Julia Rose, and their mother Pam Stepnick for a pre-construction sneak peek led by the property’s co-owner and the brother’s longtime advisor Marc Roberts.

As Jake was walking into the E11EVEN Hotel and Residences sales gallery, he was asked if he were to fight Canelo at E11EVEN, who would win, he said:

“I would win––I’m a wrestler too… It’ll be a unique nightlife experience.”

Check out the video below:

Jake Paul knows Canelo will not be fighting him anytime soon, so why not take a shot.

Only a matter of time before he’ll actually have to fight a real boxer.

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