Jack Nicholson Reportedly Refused to Wear Red Sox Hat in ‘The Departed’

Jack Nicholson can do whatever Jack wants.

Red Sox fan Mark Wahlberg spoke about working with his friend Nicholson, who played mob leader Frank Costello in the mob movie “The Departed”. The movie took place in Boston.

“It was a lot of fun working in Boston [and] a lot of fun working with Jack, even though we only had that one scene together,” said the Boston native  who played the foul mouthed cop Sean Dignam. “We had played golf together and had been buddies for a while.”

As for the long standing rumor that Nicholson, who is known to be a rabid New York Yankees fan,  refused to wear a Red Sox hat in the film, Wahlberg pretty much confirmed it.

“Jack can do whatever Jack wants,” Wahlberg laughed. “He’s Jack, baby.”

Ben Affleck also once refused to wear a Yankees fan.

Hard to believe these guys can’t fake it.

I mean, they’re actors, act like you like another team…

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