Isaiah McKenzie De-Committed From Notre Dame After Coach Told Him He Couldn’t Have Sex

Buffalo Bills receiver Isaiah McKenzie once had a done deal to attend Notre Dame for his college ball.

But following a scheduled visit, something specific rubbed McKenzie the wrong way. It had nothing to do with the school, football program, or tradition.

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McKenzie revealed on the first episode of his new podcast, “Isaiah McKenzie Show”, that a coach told him he wasn’t allowed to have sex at Notre Dame, and he was immediately out.

“I got to campus and the coach goes, ‘Yeah, we have one rule.’ And I didn’t know if he was kidding or not,” McKenzie said. “He goes, ‘For you to be able to come here, there’s no sexual intercourse throughout the whole school.’ On Monday, I de-committed.”

I’ve honestly never heard anyone but Isaiah McKenzie make this revelation about how Notre Dame runs things. But it is a historically catholic school, so I guess it makes sense.

I still have a hard time believing that every player who attends Notre Dame practices abstinence. I mean, we’re not talking about BYU here.

But Isaiah McKenzie went on to commit to Georgia, where he enjoyed a nice career and was able to reach his ultimate goal of playing in the NFL.

Maybe the Notre Dame coach telling him that he couldn’t have sex was a blessing in disguise.

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