If Lions Can Win Tonight Bettor Will Win Almost $750,000 on $25 Dollar 16 Game Parlay

Just imagine if you needed the Lions to beat the Packers in order to win a ton of money? That’s what one bettor will be hoping for tonight. Betting is becoming so mainstream these days, we’re starting to see more crazy bets come in. One bettor has everything riding on the Lions ,who are the only remaining team he needs to cash in on a 16 leg parlay.

So far the bettor in question is 15  for 15.

Check out all the games below:

Of course he can hedge his bet and take the Packers to win outright, but the only problem with that is he’ll need to shell out a ton of money just to get a decent return.

The Packers are coming off a brutal loss, which makes the Lions chances of beating the Packers even more unlikely. Rodgers is also personally coming off one of the worst outings of his career in the Packers Week 1 loss to the Saints.

The bettor should start praying now for a miracle. Football season is the best!

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