Michigan’s Hunter Dickinson Slammed The Entire Big Ten Prior To Sweet Sixteen

Michigan big man Hunter Dickinson isn’t afraid to play the role of villain.

After coming into the season ranked among the top teams, Dickinson’s Wolverines sputtered throughout the season and barely eeked their way into the March Madness Tournament.


But now that they’re here, Hunter Dickinson and the Wolverines are flexing their muscle.

When speaking on their trip to the Sweet Sixteen, Dickinson didn’t hold back about the other Big Ten teams who had been taunting Michigan leading up to the NCAA Tournament.

“We heard those ‘N-I-T’ chants. They were hurtful. They definitely hurt. It’s funny how they’ll be watching us on Thursday back in their cribs.”

Hunter Dickinson’s sarcasm caused the panel of teammates to laugh, and undoubtedly riled up the Michigan fan base. But it seems like the Wolverines really did thrive off receiving some bulletin-board material prior to the tourney.

“Everybody thought we shouldn’t be in the tournament,” Dickinson said. “And now people that were hating on us are going home and about to watch us next week.”

Hunter Dickinson has been a stalwart down low for the teams’ wins against Colorado State and Tennessee for the first two rounds.

Now, the Wolverines have the tall task of going up against Villanova on Thursday night. Should be a great game.

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